October 23rd, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

The Waiting Begins

I suppose the waiting began on Friday already, but it begins in earnest for me today. I should be hearing back from the Department before the end of the month. Cheryl was kind enough to e-mail me on Friday with the results of my braille test. Blast it, it wasn't perfect. There were two Nemeth errors, both of which completing the Nemeth course will resolve. Cheryl knows I'm doing the Nemeth course, and did not appear to be concerned in this regard. There were a few dot errors that I had missed. I hope prospective employers recognize the reality of nervousness in situations such as these.

The position title has been changed to something like Braille Technology Assistant/Proofreader. This tells me that there is no little emphasis being placed on the technology angle of things. Here I shine. Being a JAWS private beta tester won't hurt, knowing a great deal about access technology in particular and computers in general will surely work for me. The Department is aware of my hearing loss, as well as my intent on procuring a good set of modern hearing aids to compensate for it. I've wanted this position for twenty years now at least. I wonder what life will hold for me in three months' time? What will have changed, if anything? What is Bruce Toews's future? As I've said before, the most important things I want are, at the moment, just beyond my reach. One of these things is, of course, the job, the other, far more important thing, I am not at liberty to speak of here.