December 26th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline


I'm off to bed, but I had to provide a little Christmas update.

First of all, I was extremely unoriginal in my Christmas gift-giving. With three exceptions (Allison, Laurie, Rod) my entire gift-giving this year was Amazon gift certificates.

My brother picked my roommate and me up on Sunday. We had a great time chatting on the way home, and listening to his Sirius satellite radio. I want, I want, I want.

When we got home, my mom had a nice, if not home-cooked, meal of hash browns and chicken nuggets waiting. Mmmmm.

In the evening, I did some reading, and commiserating with my mom about how much I'm struggling with my new job. Mom was very understanding. My night's sleep was fitful, but I managed it.

Christmas mornign was basically spent talking and reading, and then the family showed up. We spent the afternoon talking, and then the rest of my family showed up. We had our traditional Christmas dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup. If you've ever had my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup, you'd understand how this could be a holiday festive meal in and of itself.

From my brother Irvin, I got a box of chocolates and three cans of Coke from Argentina. I make it a point, you see, of trying Coca-Cola from as many different countries as I possibly can. Rod gave me a vaporizer, which will be nice. My brother Harv and his wonderful family gave me some dramatized audio CD's from Focus on the Family, and my mom gave me a couple of bath towels and some money, along with a gift certificate from Celebrations Dinner Theatre. The bed sheets I'd asked for (see a previous post) are apparently on order.

I called Allison in the afternoon to wish her a merry Christmas, which was very important for me.

I was scheduled to come home on the 26th, but I really wanted that whole day to myself, so I got my nephew Brent to drive me into the city. I felt badly for wanting to go home early, but I hope my family will understand. Brent wouldn't take any money for helping me.

I got to hold Lyndon and Heidi's month-old baby Celina. What an adorable, adorable, adorable little girl! She was so good in my arms, never cried, just gurgled a little and kicked her feet a few times, looking at me. My sister-in-law Leona said if she'd been a little older, she'd've made Celina pull on my beard.

I've got the most wonderful family in the world, bar none, though I wouldn't want to live with them, and I thank God profusely for them.

I got back home, talked on Skype, and now I'm off to bed, content and happy after a wonderful Christmas.
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Bruce, Caroline


I'm sick to death of telemarketers pronouncing my name "toes". It's bad enough that I don't want their product, worse still that they'd call me on Boxing Day, but to make me suffer the indignity of being reduced to one of ten pedal appendages ... oh, the humanity!
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