December 30th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline


Back at CNIB, we had trouble keeping the place warm in winter. I found that the stall in the men's room (guys only got one stall, I guess they knew there was disparity between the number of male and female employees) was the warmest spot in the building, because there was a heat register right beside the bowl.

At my current place of employment, you walk into this spacious men's room (there's still a disparity between the sexes, but they give us more stalls) and the first thing you come in contact with is a bunch of windows, complete with nice blinds (open) and stuff. I guess it's more pleasant taking a whiz with a nice sceenic view of Portage Avenue.

As a consequence, I find the bathroom, at least in winter, to be the coldest room in the building. This is okay, because it's generally quite comfortable within my office's (corner's) portals.

The thing I don't like about the bathroom at the Department is that it seems half wheelchair-accessible, viz., the sinks are almost on the floor. So you have to bend down to wash your hands. Compare this to the soap, and the roller hand-towel thing, which are both way the heck up there. I picture a short person finding the sink perfect, but having to do the standing high jump to use the soap or the towel.

Another thing I don't get is the flusher mechanism. You pull this handle, and you hear a whoosh that lasts for about three seconds and it's over. Is that enough to get rid of the ... okay, to purge the bowl of its contents? Any plumbers reading this who can explain? I don't want to root around inside there to be sure everything got gotten rid of.

And why do we need scented toilet paper anyway?
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Bruce, Caroline

My Sesame Street Appearance in WMV Format

For anyone interested, my Sesame Street appearance is now available in WMV form for your viewing and laughing pleasure. I hope I've become a little more eloquent since then, when I was ten. Remember, this is pulled from an old videotape, so the quality isn't as sharp as it might otherwise be. But if a sighted person could please comment on picture quality, please do. You can download the WMV file here.
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