June 8th, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

The Idol Obsession

When it comes to the Idol craze, i.e. Canadian Idol, American Idol, etc., there seem to be three classes of people.  The first class absolutely loves the
show, is addicted to it the way I'm addicted to Corner Gas, and loves to tell the world about it at every single opportunity ... again, the way I love
to tell the world at every single opportunity about the new developments in Corner Gas.

The second group, and this is the group I'm in, can't be bothered.  Some people in this group hate the show.  I don't. I've got nothing against it.  It
leaves me alone, I'll leave it alone.  I'd as soon participate in Karaoke as watch it on TV, thank you very much.  So while I look upon the show with disdain,
even as many people look on Corner Gas with disdain, I do not in fact hate the Idol shows.

Now we come to the third category.  This is the category that always makes me chuckle.  People in this category like to talk about how they don't like Idol,
how they think it's ridiculous and a waste of time, yet every night that Idol is on finds them glued to the TV, wondering if their little star is going
to make it to the next round.  When the season is over, these people are scouring the record stores, looking for CD's of their celebrities, they're going
to concerts put on by them, and then they sit down in the coffee room or cafeteria to tell us how they don't like Idol.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone reading this doesn't fall into that third category about *something* in their lives.  Maybe it's a particular show,
like Idol, or Corner Gas, or maybe it's a particular genre of music.  Maybe it's a particular song. I think in my case it's hockey.  I'll gladly tell you
how boring I think hockey is (does this make me a bad Canadian?), but come play-off time, I'm there, I'm monitoring, I'm excited every time a Canadian
team almost makes it, and ticked off every time we, like clockwork, blow it.

So when I laugh at the third type of person, I'm not doing so in a condescending way.  I'm laughing because, as with so many things, there's a parallel
that can be drawn here to most, if not all of us.

So I encourage you to make a game of it.  Next time you see someone acting out what to you is a strange contradiction of opinion, look for the parallel
in your own life.  More often than not, I bet you'll find it.  People aren't so strange.  Or rather, they are, but that strangeness is universal, and,
after all, you're a people too, and so am I.