August 2nd, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

We all belong to some group or other: at the least we belong to a specific country. What is the most annoying stereotype people have about one of the groups of which you are a part? Pick any group to which you belong and give me the most annoying stereotype about that group.
Bruce, Caroline

I Guess Old Habits Die Hard

Well, I had applauded the self-titled accessibility evangelist for promising to back off from the African-American analogy when it comes to the blind not being allowed to sign up for Yahoo without entering the characters in the image. I guess I was a little hasty. I saw on his blog today an article about a podcast to which he had sent an e-mail about this issue. Waht was the first analogy he used? You guessed it, the African-American analogy. I hate to tell you this, Mr. Accessibility Evangelist, but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not give his life that all may access Yahoo.