September 30th, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

Toews on the Waves Hits the Air at 6:00 Central

More exciting than counting to a thousand by values of pi, more interesting than a tax assessment, more enjoyable than a nightmare, it's Toews on the Waves, coming up at 6:00 Central, 7:00 Eastern on Shellworld Radio. The applicable links are at the bottom of this message.

This week on the show, in our fifteen-minute spotlight, it's a tribute to songs that tell a story. Plus Songs I Can't Stand, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and a whole lot more, including a commercial courtesy of our own Toews on the Waves Musical Advisor, kittytech, back when she was ten years old. We start the second hour with an episode of radio's outstanding theater of thrills, Suspense, and conclude the show with an episode of the Jack Benny Program. It's the most fun you can legally have without a Tickle Me Elmo and a can of spray paint, it's Toews on the Waves!

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