November 30th, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

LJ Idol Week 4: A Province to be Proud Of

A news story on CJOB Radio in Winnipeg caught my attention recently. the story talks about how people are moving to Manitoba, the province in Canada where I have lived all my life, in numbers not seen for twenty-four years.

About eight or nine years ago, I got a job offer in another part of the country. I was pretty sure to get the job, should I take it. The job offer seemed lucrative, secure, and exciting. I was almost ready to take it.

At the last minute, I came to realize that I have so much right here in Manitoba: my family, my friends, my life history ... it's all here. I decided to turn down the job offer, and, what's more, to love my city and my province, for all its good points, for all its faults.

Since I made that decision, Manitoba has come under a lof of attack. People talked of this province as a dying province, as a has-been province, as an insignificant province. While it's true the province does have its problems, I stood by my choice to continue calling Manitoba home. I had decided that I loved this province, and I truly came to do so.

It's great to see that maybe, just maybe, others are now coming to the same conclusion. We're still far from being a perfect province by any definition, but I don't believe my love for this province to be based on blind loyalty. The saying that the other man's grass is always greener is very true: no matter where we are, the other side of the fence always looks more interesting, and we're drawn to it. But this proverb, by its very nature, suggests that eventually we will come full-circle, and that eventually the place we left will be "the other side of the fence", and we might find ourselves being drawn to it yet again.

Manitoba is a wonderful province. It's where, all those years ago, my dad chose to set up his farm and start the life for his family which has provided me with so much. It was good enough for Dad. That fact alone doesn't make it good enough for me, but there are many other facts that do, and that's why I am proud to call Manitoba my home, and why I welcome with open arms all those people who have decided to do the same.
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