January 21st, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

One Final Appeal

This may well indeed be my final appeal. I am in extremely, extremely
grave danger of being voted off of LJ Idol. This will very likely come
down to just one vote, so every single vote counts. If I were in the
other group, I would be sitting pretty with the number of votes I've so
far garnered. But I'm not, so I'm not. If you vote in LJ Idol on a
regular basis and haven't voted for me, please, please consider doing
so. If you don't typically vote in LJ Idol, please go to this link and vote for me. I truly want to thank all those who
have already done this, your help is appreciated. This week's topic was
absolutely horrible, it was a very difficult topic to write on. Please,
you have until 1:00 PM Eastern, but don't wait until the last minute. I
don't grovel often, but I'm groveling now. Anyone with an LJ can vote,
you don't have to sign up to anything, just go to this link and vote, please! And of grovel.
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Bruce, Caroline

Passengery Duty

Okay, it's eighteen below, Fahrenheit; with the wind chill, it's thirty-seven below, Fahrenheit. So, having just frozen my gashtorkers off on my way to work, I present you with the Passenger Poll.

Poll #1124873 Please Passenger the Ketchup

In a car, if I'm going to be a passenger, I prefer

the front seat, next to the driver.
The back, in the left.
the back, in the right.
the back, in the middle.
the trunk.

You will NEVER find me riding in the

front, next to the driver.
back, on the left.
back, on the right.
back, in the middle.

When riding in a vehicle, I prefer

a lot of leg room so I can stretch my legs out in front of me.
a higher seat so my legs have plenty of vertical room.
a ytranquilizer, I hate riding in vehicles.

When I see a bottle of ketchup, I

stop and bow my head in thanks.
Pick it up and hold it lovingly.
wave hello.
open it up and slather it all over my face.
think, "Oh, a bottle of ketchup, how nice," and walk on.
couldn't possibly be more indifferent if you paid me.
cringe in utter disgust.
other, please specify in comments.
Bruce, Caroline

Trying to be Comfortable

I'm trying to find the most comfortable way to do my job. My favorite
way of reading is to put the book on my chest, sideways, and read
top-to-bottom, because that's the natural hand motion, and since I read
with one hand only, this makes sense to me. I've taken to this same
philosophy when reading with a Pac Mate. The most comfortable way to
read is in an easy chair in the living room, with my Pac Mate sideways,
reading top-to-bottom.

But I'm here in the office. Not an easychair in sight, not even a Pac
Mate, as mine's on its way to Florida.Did I ever tell you how much I
LOVE UPS, by the way? So I'm trying to find as comfortable a way as I
can to proofread.
Bruce, Caroline

Might as Well Get it Over With

With an hour and a half left before the polls close, I am in second-last
place in my group. Since they remove the bottom two people, that means
unless things change, and they show no signs of doing so, I'm out.

So what have I learned? I've learned that competition is a two-edged
sword. I had a rivalry going with the increasingly-lovely kittytech. It was a lot of fun to have that rivalry until, oh, the
middle of last week or so. Then it occurred to me that it was
conceivable that both she and I might wind up in the same tribe and in a
tie, forcing a runoff. I tried imagining being in a one-on-one race with
her, and I couldn't do it, I couldn't imagine it, I couldn't picture it,
and I knew I'd hate myself if I were to beat her in a situation like
that (no guarantee that this would happen, of course, but anything's
possible). So I decided, then and there, that should a situation like
that ever arise, I would immediately conceed.

I also learned again just how fun writing can be. The LJ Idol
competition allowed me to exercise my creativity. I always tried to put
a little twist on the given topic, to write it just a little differently
than was expected. I suppose it worked to a point. I did make it this
far. Not one of the power-house vote-gainers, not by a long shot, but I
came out all right. It's been a lot of fun, I've enjoyed myself
immensely. To those of you who did vote for me, thanks. To those of you
who didn't, well hey, thanks for being honest, and maybe next year I'll
write something that you consider voteworthy. I'm looking forward to the
rest of the competition. If the impossible happens and I stay in the
race, great! If not, well hey, I'll still be around, and I'd encourage
you all to read kittytech's entries and give her your support.
There are a lot of people worthy of support, but Caroline's special, you
Bruce, Caroline

Here We Go Again

I'm really sorry to do this again. I think it's turning out that the
thing I hate most about this LJ Idol business is the notion of begging
for votes. I don't like doing it, I despise myself when I do.

But it's come down to a runoff. Eight people got the same number of
votes as I did, but there's something about gold stars, I have no idea
what they're about, but because I didn't get any, it means I'm going
head-to-head with some other person and I have no idea how I'm going to
do, other than that at present this person is pulling ahead of me fairly

This is a checkbox poll, meaning that you can vote more than once, so I
could get 99% of the vote and still lose because this person got a
hundred. So, again, every single vote counts, and as much as I truly
hate doing it, I'm asking for your vote, unless you truly don't think
I'm worthy of it, in which case you should be true to yourself. To vote,
please follow this link; please choose the checkbox beside Brucetola, and only
that checkbox, and then click submit. Please, every vote counts, and if
I stand a chance I'll need everyone coming to the aim of the party.

That said, thank you again to all those who responded to my last plea. I
truly appreciate that more than words can say.