February 11th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

Man, is it Cold!

Holy crap is it ever cold! A short walk between my ride and the door to
the building here at work seemed like an eternity! It was another
morning where the temperature was -30 Celcius, and the wind chill was
-43. It's juts plain cold and I've had enough of it already!
Bruce, Caroline

I Guess It's All Subjective

I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists, mostly because amid the hundreds
of useless messages I get a day, there is the occasional nugget of
useful stuff.

One thread which shouldn't have gotten started on the GW Micro list but
did is, "Why is Window-Eyes superior to JAWS?" These are both screen
reader programs for the blind.

First, you don't ask a question like that on the Gw Micro list ... Or
you shouldn't be allowed to, at any rate. Of course, GW Micro loves it,
because it's yet another chance for loyal Window-Eyes users to bow down
and kiss GW Micro's feet, something Window-Eyes users are wont to do,
for whatever reason.

Now, I don't believe Window-Eyes to be the superior product, not by a
long shot. It's a good program, it's given thousands access to the
computer and it's done so satisfactorally for most of those people.
Great. But in my opinion, and this is an unsolicited, personal,
completely unscientific opinion which may not necessarily be shared by
anyone else, i.e. I'm not speaking on anyone else's behalf here but my
own, JAWS has a much more intuitive interface. It is, in my view, laid
out much more to look and feel like a part of Windows whan Window-Eyes,
which always, always feels like an add-on to me. JAWS feels like a
Windows screen reader to me, while Window-Eyes has always felt, and
continues to feel, like a Dos screen reader modified to work with
Windows. Yes, I have tried both. Until last year, I was a fully licensed
and up-to-date Window-Eyes user as well, though my screen reader of
choice has always been JAWS.

But, as obviously right as my opinions seem to me, it's a very objective
thing. On the GW Micro list, I am reading people say that they feel
Window-Eyes to be far superior, that they feel the WE interface to be
much more intuitive, and that to them JAWS seems like a Dos screen
reader modified to work with Windows while Window-Eyes has a more
Windows look and feel.

It's the stranges thing, two camps taking very opposite stances, and
both sides astounded that anyone could possible think otherwise.
Bruce, Caroline

Deal with It!

Today's poll concers dealing with life's pressing, ever-concerning issues.

Poll #1136778 Dealing with Things

How do you deal with being tired during the day?

Drink lots of hamster spit (coffee)
Drink lots of Pop
Jump up and do some exercise
I don't work, so I can tak a nap any time I want to
Give yourself extra energy by complaining incessantly about how tired you are.

How do you deal with a half-empty bag of chips to prevent them from going stale?

Fold the open end under the bag
Use a chip clip
Empty the bag into a Tupperware container for airtight storage
Eat the rest of the chips, problem solved

What's your favorite mathematical equasion?

All of the Above
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