February 15th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

Protesting Protestors

I propose a new law: Protests should be allowed only if the people doing
the protesting are actually the ones with a grievance. In this day and
age, the art of the protest has become such that protestors organize,
hire professional people and people off the street to add to their
numbers, take classes on how best to make nuissances of themselves, go
out of their way to make life as miserable as possible for as many
people as possible, most of whom have or had absolutely nothing to do
with what is being protested, then expect to have generated a spirit of
goodwill among those whose lives they disrupted. "I'm going to make you
late for work, and show up at work with dirt on your suit because of the
stones I've been throwing, as I protest something someone you never met
did to someone who is only related to me by money back in a time when
neither of us was alive; I expect you to be as inconvenienced as
possible by this, to then thank me, and as you pick up your unemployment
checkk, to tell the reporters how valid my cause is" is the basic
message these people are trying to get across here. Well, I protest.
Bruce, Caroline

My Day

Today, Friday, was a special day for a variety of reasons. It started off as usual, with me calling kittytech before I went to work, then continuing our conversation over my cellphone on my way into work.

Work itself was largely uneventful, I got about halfway through Cam Jansen and the Scary Snake Mystery, ah kids' books, before I left. While my appointment with the audiologist was at 4:00, Handi-Transit in its infinite wisdom got me there over an hour early. But I was able to reschedule my return for 5:00 instead of 5:25, which meant not having to stand out in the cold. More on that later.

Going to see the audiologist was not an easy task. It meant coming to terms again with my hearing loss. I was very afraid that they would tell me that I was beyond help. I really want to thank pawpower4me, who really provided me with a lot of encouragement in this regard. Even more, I want to thank Caroline for providing me with calm reassurance, a shoulder, and a sounding board before the appointment, and for being there waiting for me when the appointment was over. We both agree it would have been nice if she could have been there, but of course that wasn't possible ... but her moral support by phone was nothing short of incredible and wonderful.

the audiologist told me that I was not beyond help, to just dismiss that from my mind. He talked about options: what I wanted in hearing aids, what was important to me and what was not. He told me that for my type of hearing loss, the behind-the-ear models were better suited, which is fine because that's what I really wanted anyway. I go back on the 29th for my new hearing aids. Lisa Reid Audiology in general, and Jeff, the audiologist with whom I dealt in particular, are to be commended for their professional, polite, understanding and courteous handling of the whole thing.

The driver I had on the way home was not exactly on laughing gas. He was clarly grumpy about having me added to his schedule, and he made that clear. I was very glad to get away from him.

I spent the evenign talking with Caroline, listening to some OTR with her, and so on. This was a very special day for the two of us: on August 15 of last year, six months ago to the day, Caroline and I became a couple. What can I say, Caroline, but thank you - thank you so much for the happiness you've brought into my life.