February 25th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline


Hi all,

Well, it was kind of a stressful weekend ... not bad, but stressful. On Friday we got a note under our door. My roommate told me that it said that some firemen were going to come into our apartment to measure the windows. Neither of us could think why this would be done, so we figured it was some sort of a ruse on the part of management to get into our apartment to inspect. My roommate is convinced management has it out for us and is looking for an excuse to get rid of us. I'm not convinced, but I'm also nowhere near certain that is not the case. So I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to clean up and straighten out my room. In the course of the weekend, I've gotten cuts on my hands, punctured my fingers with staples, had a telephone fall onto my head while I was lying on the floor picking up garbage, and on and on. I then asked my beloved roommate if he could tell me again what time these firemen were supposed to be in the building. He looked, and it turns out it said foremen, not firemen. As it happens, they're looking at putting new windows into the eleventh- and twelfth-floor bedrooms, so they actually *are* measuring the windows, imagine that! I'm mentally exhausted. Yes, I worry way too much. And I 've got this really nice bruise on my right cheek.
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Bruce, Caroline


Well, let's see. I spent most of the weekend in the bathroom, or at least a good chunk of it. I know you wanted to know. So I stayed home from work today, and after getting some sleep, interrupted by a call from the Winnipeg Free Press wanting me to buy their paper I can't read, I did feel quite a bit better. The only real thing of note that happened today was that a set of dishes I bought as a gift for kittytech arrived, all in once piece. Well, not all in one piece, each piece in one piece ... okay, that wasn't quite right either. Um, the set came in the number of pieces advertised, no more, no less, with each piece being in its advertised shape.

But we did have a wonderful time talking on Skype, and I sat in while she worked. She is so good at what she does!

One one of the mailing lists I'm on, in fact the very one I so rightly chastised some days ago, there's a big discussion about a problem some people are having logging into Paypal. Many blind people are convinced it's an accessibility thing, when my experience tells me it is not. It's a lot easier to feel discriminated against than it is to admit that the problem has nothing to do with one's disability. Oh well.

Have an adequate day, everyone!