March 12th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

A Decree

I hereby decree, forthwith and hearthforth and stuff, that "catsup"
shall henceforth and forthwith and all that, no longer be an acceptable
spelling for ketchup. I have spoken. Wonder if anyone'll listen.
Bruce, Caroline

Things I don't Understand

1. Why do people like standing right in front of the panel of buttons in
an elevator, then when you step in and have to reach around and over
them to push your button (it's worse when it's a woman and the elevator
buttons are at crotch level), they get indignant as if it's their
elevator and what business have you choosing a floor?

2. When you're standing between two sets of double doors, and it's minus
a zillion out there, why is it that if someone is going to go through
the outer door, they'll always pick the door you're standing right in
front of? I mean, he or she will walk into the foyer on the other side,
walk past you on the right, then cut back to the left just in front of
you to use the door that's most likely to have you freeze your
gashtorkers off!