March 17th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline


I dunno, today's just starting off as one of those blah kind of days. I
just hope people at work more or less leave me alone unless there's
something specific they need or want from me. Handi-transit driver this
morning asked me not to talk on my cellphone on my way to work. That's
fine, he was nice about it and it's certainly his right to do so, but it
made for a boring trip.

Today's just the sort of day I'd rather just lie in bed all day and read
stuff I actually want to read. It's a Star Trek Voyager book that I
started yesterday and I'm really getting into it. It's nice enjoying
reading again. Or it was. Now it's back to this textbook.

I was at my mom's yesterday, we celebrated Easter a week early. Mom's
getting older, that's getting obvious, and it hurts to see it. So many
things about my parents I didn't appreciate enough as a kid. Now one's
gone, and who knows how long the other one'll be around. I've got to
show Mom how much I appreciate her while I still can, while there's
still time. I don't want regrets later.

The new hearing aids were a rousing success. They made my mom so happy
yesterday. But I'm getting sick of talking about them. I'm getting sick
of everyone telling me how difficult it was before I got them, as if I
hadn't been painfully aware of that; I'm sick of everyone whispering
around me to see if I'll understand them or not. Yes, it took me a long
time to get them, but we're talking about a lot of money, and I paid for
these things entirely, 100% out of my own pocket, nobody helped me with
it. I'd sacrificed a lot of the things I wanted to make this happen, and
yes it took a while, but I still did it. So pardon me while I treat
myself to a few things for a little while that I've been denying myself
... Like a decent computer.
Bruce, Caroline


I use headphones a lot. Do you? Please not, the last option in each question is not meant to offend, but is intended to be good-natured fun.

Poll #1155543 All About Headphones

I use headphones

often, because I can hear things more clearly through them.
a fair bit.
only when I have to.
to keep the door from blowing shut.
I am deaf, and if there isn't a category for me I will be complaining good-naturedly in a comment.

Ear buds, in my view,

are the best thing since sliced ketchup.
are maybe not the best things ever, but are still pretty darned cool.
are really great because I had a crush on Uhura from Star Trek and keep things in my ear in her memory.
are okay, nothing special but not bad.
are acceptable but in no way remotely preferable.
are a horrible, unacceptable way to listen to things.
are irrelevant, because I am deaf and need my own category.

Where do babies come from?

I will answer you in private e-mail.
I will answer you in a comment.
The stork.
Home Hardware.
Two six-packs and some soft music.
The government, they like to punish people.
It doesn't matter, as long as you name it Zaphod.
It doesn't matter, I'm deaf and want my own special category, whether or not it makes any sense to have it.
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Bruce, Caroline

Everything Appears in Order

Well, it looks like everything's in order for my trip to Milwaukee. My
passport has been renewed, that went off without a hitch; my ticket is
purchased, that had about a zillion hitches but I think they've all been
dealt with. Caroline's taken the time off work, and so far she still has
most of it. I've taken the time off work and it's been approved. I've
got someone to take me to the airport. So here's hoping.