May 13th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

My MorningSo Far

Well, let's see. I woke up about twenty minutes before my alarm, called
Caroline, and we had a nice chat. My ride was scheduled to pick me up at
7:19. About ten after seven, the phone rings. These drivers are not
supposed to buzz up to our apartments, that's a Handi-Transit rule. And
how can they expect me to hurry up if I'm answering phone calls from
them telling me to hurry up? Besides, I was nowhere near late. Bleh.

It was a comfortable trip, at least, that was something. The driver
dropped me off right in front of the building, which I appreciated, but
he made a bit of a production out of it,which I did not appreciate. I
wish these drivers would realize that I am quite capable of walking in a
straight line and they can just stop for five seconds in front of the
building, I get off, and they can zoom zoom away again, they never even
have to put down their cell phone or say a word of English. Oh wel. Then
I went upstairs and got a couple of Cokes from the machine, came back
down again, and here I am, looking forward to 4:01, when I'm scheduled
to be on my way home again.
Bruce, Caroline


I don't want to read Carnival at Candlelight. It's a kids' book,
and it doesn't sound very exciting. What bugs me is that NLS already has
this in braille, we have to reinvent the wheel here.