May 22nd, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

Farewell to a Beautiful Desk

When I first started working here, I was given an old desk. I remember
that desk from the eighties. It was probably quite a modern desk in its
time.The hight of the keyboard portion and the height of the monitor
portion could be adjusted, as could the angle of the monitor portion.
But over the years, the desk experienced wear and tear. Bits of it had
to be reinforced with wood and metal brackets, instead of the keyboard
height being adjustable, it was wedged into place so it wouldn't move. I
remember all this as it happened, as I visited this building often in
the eighties and nineties.

Now our building is undergoing renovations. We've been moved into a
temporary office. With this temporary office came a brand, spanking-new,
beautiful desk. IT's wonderful! It's laid out in a perfect manner for me
to do my job, beautiful desk.

Well, tomorrow we move back, and it's back to my old desk. Sad, sad,