May 30th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

The Best Birthday Present Ever

First, I want to wish imafarmgirl a happy birthday. May 30th is the best day to have a birthday. Did you know that we even share a birthday with Mel Blanc?

My roommate bought me the best birthday present I've ever gotten so far.

I'm sitting in my chair after work. Rod says he has to go down to get something, a surprise for me. So I wait. He comes up and says he wants to give me my gift early, but I'll have to go over there to get it. So I get out of my chair and walk toward his voice .. and straight into the arms of my beautiful Caroline, kittytech. What an incredible, wonderful gift, and what a wonderful way to spend my birthday.
Bruce, Caroline

Major Screw-Up

Well, when I bought my new Dell, I didn't realize that it is one of these slim cases. There is no room for the second hard drive I was going to install, the second CD-ROM drive I was going to install, or the sound card I was going to install. I am determined not to let this get to me, though. I'm wondering if anyone in the know knows if it's possible to get a new case for this unit and just transfer the innards into it, so I could at least have a second bay for a second hard drive.
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