July 8th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Anyone wanna tackle this?

What is culture, exactly? Who defines it, the people or the rulers? Is
culture as defined by public radio and public television one set of
people's ideals of what they believe our culture should be, or does it
truly reflect culture? Is culture defined as "what is" or "what should
be", or, perhaps more poignantly, "what we"--who is we,
exactly?--"think it should be"? Are Beethoven and the gang part of North
American culture, or are some people just hoping that that's how we'll
be remembered? Should culture be government-funded? If culture must be
subsidized, can it truly be called culture? If culture is to reflect who
we are as a people, should it be able to stand on its own? Is culture
really worth preserving, in the grand scheme of things?
Bruce, Caroline

The Questions Meme

I want to thank everyone who responded to my questions meme. I will get
to them all, before the end of the wee. I don't want anyone feeling
their work was in vain.
Bruce, Caroline

So Many Opinions, So Little Opportunity

I want to offer so many personal opinions on so many topics which I feel
are important. But unfortunately, I feel stifled by my desire to keep
the peace. I see so many things written by others not afraid to speak
out, and I feel tethered and held back by my desire not to offend. There
is so much that should be said but won't be.