July 18th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

The Power of Misunderstanding

Our previous mayor was Glenn Murray. He was one of those environmental
types, and one of his dreams for Winnipeg was rapid transit. When Murray
left office, Sam Katz took over, and redirected the money that had been
allocated for rapid transit.

A lot of Winnipeggers are furious with Katz for doing this. They wanted
to see rapid transit in this city, and I can understand that. But here's
the kicker. All of the people I've talked to who are angry that Murray's
plan was scuttled are under the strong impression that Murray planned to
put an LRT into Winnipeg. This is simply not true. All Murray wanted to
do with the horrendous amount of money allocated for the project was to
cordon off lanes and so on for express buses. But tell these people
that, they will insist that Murray's plan was for an LRT.

I wonder how much support there would have been for Murray's plan if
they had realized that it wasn't about LRT, just about a few more buses
connecting the university of Manitoba with downtown?