September 25th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

A New Taste Sensation

So yesterday, I was eating my dessert at one of our fine local eating
establishments, Smitty's Family
. I realized I still had a piece of veal left over from
the main course. No, veally, I did! So, ever the adventurous type, I
thought, how would the combination of veal and ice cream taste? No,
veally, I did. Oh wait, I used that line already. No, veal ... I
digress. So, anyway, I tried it. You know what? Is's actually very good.
I recommend it. What do I call it? I know, vealnilla ice cream!
Bruce, Caroline

Another Loss in my Life

Another in a series of losses that has defined my year so far. Today is
that last day of work for a co-worker whom I have really come to
appreciate over the past two years, and one of the few co-workers I have
allowed myself to call a friend. What will I lose next this year, I'd
like to know?