October 24th, 2008

Bruce, Caroline

I Hate Fire Drills

So apparently October is fire prevention month. You didn't know? Neither
did I. Well, it is.

So they told me on Monday morning that we would have a fire drill
sometime in the next two weeks. Now, I hate these things under the best
of circumstances. But it's been particularly miserable here.

We have two main exits here: the Portage Avenue entrance, AKA the front
entrance, and the Wall Street entrance, AKA the side entrance.
Typically, our particular office, because of how it's situated, is
supposed to take the side entrance. This would be fine, except that,
being a side entrance, it doesn't have the best sidewalks. So you go
out, take a completely uncalled-for step down, cross a parking lot, walk
up Wall Street, cross Wall Street, and you're in the Credit Union
parking lot. What fun, what fun. I hate it.

So what do we have?
    <.i>I hate fire alarms.
  1. I hate not knowing precisely what's going to happen, and when.
  2. I'm told there's going to be a fire drill.
  3. They don't tell me precisely when, two weeks is quite a window.
  4. The route to the Credit Union parking lot is not exactly

So I express my concerns to my co-workers. I'll give them credit, lots
of it, they understood and did their best to make accomodation. So the
deal now was that I could take the front entrance, which has better
sidewalks and is a much better route to deal with.

So the maintenance guy, really nice guy, stops by to give me a heads up
about ten minutes before the drill. I wait. I wait. Finally the bell
goes off, and we head down the hallway, only to be stopped by a lady who
tells us we can't exit via the front of the building. So we have to turn
around, go out the side, and use all those wonderful uneven sidewalks.

The nice thing about it was that we were told we could go back in
quickly after we got to the parking lot, and the elevator was working
immediately. Apparently the lady who told us we couldn't use the front
entrance will have the misinformation corrected for the future. Well,
that's over, hopefully for a long time to come.
Bruce, Caroline

Going on Record

I just want to go on record saying that, while there are things about my job I can complain about, my co-workers are not among them. I have the best co-workers anyone could work with.