July 24th, 2009

Bruce, Caroline

Let the Downward Spiral Begin on Toews on the Waves

Now friends, I ask you, what is The Legend coming to? I mean, you've got
the Music Machine coming up on Sunday afternoon, great program. Then
you've got the Mosen Explosion, and apart from the fact that its host
doesn't know when Father's Day is, another great program. So you have
these two terrific programs, lulling you into this sense of security ...
making you think you can count on the great programming to continue. But
what then? A downward spiral, yes, a downward spiral! And the host of
the next program, this Bruce guy, even admits it. You've got a host who
admits his program will initiate a downward spiral! What kind of a
self-respecting host would do that? Has he no sense of decency?

You see, the show is called Toews on the Waves. Sounds innocuous enough.
But the show has this feature called the twenty-minute spotlight. This
week in the twenty-minute spotlight, Bruce will be spiralling down the
charts! I'm not kidding, he'll actually be spiralling down the charts,
can you believe it? He'll be starting with the #1 song from 1963; then
he'll play the #2 song from 1962, the #3 song from 1961, and so on, all
the way down, yes, all the way down, to the year 1956. Oh, the humanity!
In addition, you'll hear the usual features: Songs I Can't Stand,
Ripley's Believe it or Not, the Mooth Meditative Moment, your requests,
and a whole lot more.

We start hour #2 with an episode of Our Miss Brooks. In this, the
funniest episode of Our Miss Brooks I've heard yet, the school is
participating in safety week, and Miss Brooks has been put in charge as
safety officer. Can the school survive? And to end the program, how
about an episode of the Jack Benny Show, with Jimmy Stewart as guest

So pop some popcorn, stock up on your favorite hot or cold beverage of
choice, and get ready for a fantastic afternoon/evening of programming
on the Legend. Brian Hartgen kicks things off with his always-fantastic
Music Machine at 2:00 PM Eastern. At 4:00, Jonathan Mosen brings his own
brand of fun to The Legend with the Mosen Explosion. At 7:00 it's the
affore-mentioned Toews on the Waves, and the evening concludes with
Michael Godin and Treasure Island Oldies. All part of the truly stellar
lineup that The Legend brings to you each and every week, day in and day

Toews on the Waves can be heard Sunday evenings from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Eastern, or 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Central, 5-7 PM Mountain, or 4-6 PM
Pacific. To listen, direct your browser to http://www.billsparks.org.
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