November 7th, 2010

Bruce, Caroline

My Attempt to Get Good Internet Service

I think the experiences I just had can best be summed up in a letter I tried submitting to Shaw Communications. Unfortunately, the only e-mail form I could find required me to limit myself to 500 characters. I have asked Shaw to contact me, I hope they do. Here is the letter I attempted to submit.

I recently decided I wished to switch from MTS to Shaw for both Internet and phone service. Son on Monday, November 1, I filled out an online order request. The confirmation number is 9062226515MB. I ordered Home Phone Lite and High Spede Internet Extreme. For the home phone service I also chose the call waiting/voicemail option. Since I have not been a Shaw customer for many years, it was my understanding that I was elegeable for the introductory pricing offered on your Website.

On Wednesday, November 3, a gentleman called me back to verify my order and arrange the instalation. He asked me for two pieces of ID, which I gave him: my Manitoba Medical number and my birth certificate number. He then told me that I could expect a call back shortly to arrange for the time.

I got the call back, I believe the lady's name was Christy. She asked me when a suitable time would be for the instalation, and I told her that I work weekdays. She asked if a Sunday time slot would work, and I said sure. She asked about morning or afternoon, and I said afternoon, and chose a 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM window for today, Sunday the 7th. She confirmed this with me, and I thanked her.

Shortly before 4:00 on the 7th, I called Shaw to ask on the status of my service call. The gentleman I talked to said I had no service call scheduled for Sunday between 2:00 and 4:00, as I had been told, but I did have one scheduled for Monday between 8:00 and 5:00, of which no one had told me. I explained that, as I had told the lady who called me on the 3rd, this wasn't feasible due to work considerations. They said there was nothing to be done about it, since our building only authorizes them to do installs Monday through Friday between 8:30 and 4:30, something they had also failed to tell me. So I couldn't think of a solution at the time and said I would call back.

I did come up witha workaround, and called back. The lady to whom I spoke told me that we would have to resubmit the order, and that she would give me a promotion for my frustrations. This was reasonable. We arranged a time and date that would work, and she then told me that there was a notice on my record saying that I wasn't to receive any promotions. I then asked her what plans I was signing up for, and she told me the original order had been for standard high speed Internet and phone basic. Both are not correct as I previously explained, and I have the online order confirmation e-mail to prove it. I then asked her why I was not allowed to get any kind of a promotion, and she said she didn't know. I asked if this included the introductory pricing mentioned on the Web, and she said yes, it did, and I would be getting no promotional discount at all. I said I really didn't want to proceed with the order until I knew why this was happening, and canceled the request.

I believe I have acted in good faith throughout this whole ordeal. I have not been a Shaw customer since the old analog cable day, but I paid my bills and I was not a troublemaker. I don't understand why I have been getting what I feel to be a runaround from Shaw, and I really do hope this can be straightened out. I do understand that instalation will have to be done during the week, and am willing to make allowances for this. I do, however, feel that I should have been told this when I was arranging the instalation. Instead, I only found out by calling that I did not have an instalation appointment scheduled when I was told it was scheduled. I also do not know why I am not allowed to receive any promotional discounts, including the introductory promos mentioned on the Website. Finally, I do not understand why the services I ordered were changed from High Speed Extreme to standard High Speed, or from Home Phone Lite to Home Phone Basic.

I have acted in good faith, I do not wish to cause trouble, and I sincerely hope this can be resolved equitably and fairly for everyone involved. Thank you for your time and understanding.