March 19th, 2011

Bruce, Caroline

You Name It on a Special Four-Hour Toews on the Waves

Well, now, hey, today is Saturday. And with Saturday, as always, comes another fun-filled edition of Toews on the Waves.

Now, Brian is so busy putting together his Radio Caroline tribute for next week, he isn't able to host the Music Machine this week. So, Terry Clasper and I will be stepping in. Terry will do the first two hours of the Music Machine, and then I'll be by at 4:00 PM Eastern with four straight hours of Toews on the Waves. Now how ... something-or-other is that?

So how will I keep you sufficiently bored for four hours straight? You name it, I'll find a way. You see, I am going to feature songs, stories and routines about names. We'll say hello to Marylou, go out with Sherry, get some help from Rhonda, meet Mary at midnight, attend a class taught by Sister Mary Elephant, lament nun-names of yesteryear, remember Larry, try to figure out why Melanie won't go out with us, and so much more.

So if you have a request for something that fits the theme, or for something that doesn't, remember, I've got four hours to kill so I want to hear from you. My e-mail address is and my username on Twitter is brucetola.

Whether you have a request or not, I'd still love to hear from you during the show so I can say hello, but even if you're a little shy and would rather not do that, that's just fine, feel free to just tune in and enjoy four hours of fun on Toews on the Waves. It all starts later this afterat 4:00 PM Eastern, that's 3:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Mountain, and 1:00 PM Pacific. And if you're in the UK, wind down your Saturday evening at 9:00 PM with all the great Toews on the Waves funaciousness. Yes, funaciousness.

So I really do hope I'll see you in just a little while for Toews on the Waves, only on the Home of the Fun Guys, Mushroom FM: