August 25th, 2011

Bruce, Caroline

The Winnipeg Jets Are Shortchanging Radio Listeners in General and CJOB In Particular

I can't believe what I'm reading. The Winnipeg Jets have done so many things right when it comes to bringing the NHL back to Winnipeg, how could they make such hideous errors in judgment as this?

CJOB Radio has had a long-standing tradition with True North Sports and Entertainment, owners of the Jets, whom I will refer to hereafter just as True North. During the entire existence of the Manitoba Moose, CJOB gave that minor league team major league treatment, over and over again. They bent over backwards to cover the return of the NHL to Winnipeg, they gave True North every opportunity and every assistance. And what does True North do by way of saying thank-you? In the name of the almighty idiot box, television, they sell the radio rights to CFRW, a station with a proven track record of low standards, unprofessionalism, and just generally being a blight on the radio landscape. These are the people who made an absolute mockery of talk radio back in the mid- to late-90's, and they're being entrusted with a major league sports team? At 10,000 watts, CFRW has no rebroadcasters and covers a tiny portion of Manitoba. And so True North, in the name of the idiot box, screws over CJOB, who was far more loyal to them than CFRW ever could be. What an incredible slap in the face to the best radio station in North America!

If that weren't bad enough, all reports are that Winnipeg radio listeners won't even be getting a consistent play-by-play voice. That duty will be split among two people, depending on whether or not TSN needs the main guy for their TV coverage. What a slap in the face to those of us depending on a consistent radio presence! If they're going to sell the radio rights to TinkerToy Radio, the least they could have done is provide us with the consistency of one play-by-play man. What hideous, stupefying, mind-boggling ineptitude! How can an organization that has done so many things right stoop to these levels, and give a major league team such shabby Pee Wee-league radio treatment? I'm sickened by this, nauseated. I can't believe that radio listeners would be given such lousy treatment.