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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

What should be done to ease the tension between farmers and


I think the city dwellers should be told not to put ketchup on chicken.
This will save chickens and tomatos, and the farmer will feel less stressed knowing that chickens and tomatos, two things that are not supposed to be in close proximity to each other, will not be so, especially if government gets involved and refuses to allow chicken and ketchup to be in the stomach at the same time.
You know, I think the government should get involved. Add it to both the US and Canadian constitutions that chicken and tomatoes are not good for each other, and putting the two together could cause cancer or something like that. Then get the FDA involved so that tomatoes are no longer legal anywhere. SMILE!
City dwellersmust be taught proper use of pesticides and water and people must be taught to stop blaming farmers for using too much water for growing food and over spraying. It is a fact that lawns use three times the recommended dose of fertilizer in many cases and that leaches into the ground especially when over watering occurs.

City people should stop thinking that farmers are substidized, because mostly only big farmers are, and mostly only for corn.

City dwellers should remember that farmers are people too with families to support and are trying to make a living.

City dwellers should do what they can to produce their own food and reduce waist products in their homes.