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Bruce, Caroline

Bonus Question of the Day

Tell me about the most interesting experience you've ever had in a doctor's office.


Does a dentist office count?
Because I had the funkiest experience at one 20 or so years back.
The dentist had given me nitrous oxide to fill a tooth. I hate drilling, and love nitrous, that stuff oughta be legal, but anyway.
So I'd been sitting there breathing that stuff and was getting really really high. If I breathe it too long and there's no activity around me I get a real floaty feeling.
Anyway so the Dentist comes in to tell me he'll be right back. Meanwhile the dentist chair I am in feels like it's going to tip backwards.
I said exactly this as he prepared to walk out:
"Simonson! {dentist's name} You get your ass back in here, this chair is going backwards."
From then on all we did was laugh. the office staff would come in just to hear me laugh and they'd start laughing too.
OOH, that's tricky. Most every experience I have is interesting in the doctors office. Probably the most odd for me was the day I was diagnosed with RSD because up until that point, it didn't seem like anyone believed me.

Other than that, I think the first time I had a sympathetic block was weird, because that causes an increase in blood flow and temperature, and that's an odd feeling when you've had a cold extremity for so long.

And for scary, the time my heart rate went to 205 definitely fits the bill. There's nothing like three nurses and a doctor each monitoring different aspects of your circulation, and an EKG, blood pressure and a pulse oxymetor for good measure. I could probably write a book on odd medical experiences.
Similar experience to Shazza above...when I had all four wisdom teeth pulled several years ago, they gave me a pill to take beforehand so I would (in effect) be out of it and numb to the pain. BOY was I ever!!! I used to dye my hair blonde and as I sat in the dentist chair I recall saying to the dentist "I bet you didn't know that I'm not a real blonde". Also, other gibberish. LOL It was the most embarassing moment of my life.