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Bruce, Caroline

Food Songs, Anyone?

Well, friends, the weekend approachetheth. And with it, a brand new, never-been-opened (still-not-recorded, for that matter) episode of Toews on the Waves, my radio show. If you've not heard about it and would like to, please check out the TOTW Website, where you can read about the show, listen to and download samples, and even donate, if you're crazy enough. Now here's the problem. I'm doing a fifteen-minute spotlight featuring songs about food, and I need listener input. Yes, input is needed from you, the listener. Even if you don't listen, input is still appreciated. Why? Because I'm an input-seeking kinduva guy. So do you have any suggestions for food-related songs? Please do tell, if you do.Leave a comment, even an anonymous one if you insist on driving me nuts, with your ideas. Or you can send an e-mail with your suggestions, if you prefer. And don't forget to tune in on Sunday (times are on the Website) to find out which songs I've picked. Have your say today, eh, with no delay, okay? Oh brother, I need some sleep.


all of the food related songs i can think of are my Weird Al: Fat, Grapefruit Diet, and My Bologna are the ones that come to mind.

p.s. hi! i haven't actually commented on any of your entries yet! so hello!
Hello indeed. I've heard so much about you, it's nice to hear from you. Yes, I could probably do a two-hour show on Weird Al food songs alone: The Rye or the Kaiser, Eat It, Lasagna, Spam, just a few more. I'll have to play at least one.

Hey, thanks for writing!
Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans, spam spam and spam. That is all. Thank you.
As much as I absolutely despise that routine (almost as much as I despise that Bruce routine of theirs), it's still a good idea. Thank you.
I know you hate the Bruce routine, and thus I shall plague you with it forever. Lol! What about cheeseburger in paradise? Woot! i helped for once! I feel somewhat useful. Lol. Hugs!
Never heard it. Who does it? Another of Toonhead's ideas or was this your own?
Jimmy Buffit. Lol.
And the answer to my second question?
I do come up with my own ideas some time sir. Lol.
What you don't do, though, is answer the question. I'm all too familiar with that method of dodging a question, I do it all the time.
There's nothing I "Don't do" for you sir. Lol. Teehee! hugs!
Woot! HUGS!