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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Is there something that, in your opinion, the world obsesses over but
you think it shouldn't bother?


well two things actually; the first being physical beauty e.g. thinness, hair/makeup etc. The second thing is sex. I guess the first is kind of wrapped up in the second.
or the other way around?
and not that beauty and sex aren't important but I think that the way we obsess about it isn't very productive. It objectifies women, and men too and places unreasonable expectations on young people.

there you go, my Monday Morning ramble
Interesting you should say this, since I think, if we were to quantify, women place a higher value on beauty than men do. Oh true, if you want to marry a Hell's Angel or someone ina crime syndicate, you have to have the beauty, but for your average guy, the makeup, the thinness and so on aren't nearly as important as they are among the women themselves. I may well be totally off-base here.
actually I don't know. Most of my male friends are very into looks and makeup and how thin a woman is and how big her tits are and what she's wearing. But I also have some other male friends who are more into personality and brains.
I think that as my male friends age their wishes in a woman change too maybe because a lot of my younger (mid-early 20's) age range male friends are really into how a woman looks, even my blind male friends.
My older male friends who are mid 30's or 40's are more interested in what is inside.
I think that while women have the pressure to be beautiful more than a man does, men have more of the sexual pressure e.g. to always be a mighty love stallion.
Well, if that is what is expected of me, I'm certain to disappoint. Oh well, it's a hard life.

love stallion

You just have to practive over, and over, and over, and over, and over...
If practicing piano were like practicing sex, I really would have remained a musician.
Baseball, football, basketball ... Need I continue? SMILE! Now I'm going to go hide before the tomatoes start flying in my direction. SMILE!
I agree with you in every respect other than Canadian football, which I am convinced will be played in Heaven.
Firstly, gotta agree with the obsessions of not only physical beauty and sex, but also the sports. How about everybody's obsession with everybody else's weight. Mind your own business, fatso, and let me be overweight and die if I wish! How about the need to give or take offense and to be hypersensitive overall. C'mon, relax, enjoy your shoes, and thicken your skin! How about the fictional link between happiness and money, power and status. I find I'm quite happy even with little money and for all I know, absolutely no power or status. All hail obscurity! And lastly, the idea that it is wrong to be different and those who are different from any perceived norm must be penalized for existing! Right, I think that'll do for now. Ah, misanthropy!
Probably physical appearance, that or a person's job.


reality television.
enough already.
aww, other people got all the ones i was gonna say! well, i'll mention this one: college education. i'm not saying anything against going to college, but for some people it's just not the right thing to do. but there's this huge stigma that you're not as smart or not as capable if you don't have that degree. i never would have gone to college if it wasn't the expected thing to do and my parents didn't force me.