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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day for Wednesday

Complete this sentence. When I think of bathtubs ...


Hmm. I think of clogged drains. Oh, I also think of bubbles, cats who like to sit on the edge of the tub while I bathe, and just generally being relaxed and reading while taking a nice long bath with those bubbles, the cat, and a great book; and then crossing my fingers when it's all done that the stupid thing will drain.
Well, I have a number of answers.
If I wanted to be a smart alec, I could say:
When I think of bath tubs, I imagine a huge one full of ketchup, where those of us who care about Bruce could take turns dunking him in.

But my real answer would be:
When I think of bathtubs, I think of long,luxuriant, hot showers in a quiet house, by myself!
I say by myself because whenever I take a shower, I always have a little girl in with me since she isn't quite ready to bathe herself! I love her, but oh for the days of hot showers where i don't have to share!
When I think of bathtubs, I think of corncobs. When I think of corncobs, I think of shoestrings. When I think of shoestrings, I think of delivery vans. When I think of delivery vans, I think of demons. When I think of demons, then I wake up! Trick or Treat!