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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

What is your funniest sleeping story?


It was on a choir tour. During this tour, we were typically billetted out two to a house. Sometimes this meant sharing a bed with the other person. Necessary evil, I suppose, sharing a bed with another guy. Anyway, this one night that's exactly what happened. I was in a bed with this other guy, who shall remain nameless. He, like I, is irreversibly straight. But he must've been having an interesting dream: I was listening to a taped book on my Walkman, and all of a sudden this guy starts draping his leg over me in his sleep. I had to wake this poor guy up and ask him to stop cuddling with me ... just not my thing. Not that I mind cuddling, provided it's with the right person (the gender is a huge prerequisite, one on which I will not compromise, but it is not the only prerequisite). Thankfully, all cuddling efforts ceased for the rest of the night and I was able to enjoy my book in peace.