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Bruce, Caroline

Bonus Weekend Question of the Day

Complete this sentence: A world without aluminum would be ...


Without aluminum, there would be no ice cold cans of Coke for you to drink, and bottles wouldn't exist either for no particular reason other than the fact that I say they wouldn't.
All right! PErmanent hose attached to my mouth, pouring that pristine Coke down my throat 24/7! Thank you, thank you!
without the argument between the UK dwellers and the US dwellers over the pronunciation of that word. And unfortunately...it would mean a world without aluminum foil, meaning no easy made bake potatoes or corn on the cob in a campfire.
...a world where i could no longer use an aluminum foil hat to protect my thoughts from the aliens.
A world without aluminum would be like living in hell.
Pans would be harder to wash, there'd be no Coke cans, no Pepsi cans either though you don't want to hear that, there'd be nothing but saran wrap to cover leftovers in, aluminum is my friend!