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Bruce, Caroline

Potato Bowl

Someone who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are kittytech has suggested that a potato baked without the peel is not really a baked potato. She did not offer what I would call a plausible explanation for this assertion. So, to settle an argument, please take the Potato Poll.

Poll #1082349 Potato, Potato, Potato

Is it humanly possible to bake a potato that isn't in its peel?



Bruce, Bruce, Bruce.
You are like reading a good book.
Every time I think I've got the plot, i.e, you, figured out,
You do something that surprises me, astounds me, amazes me, confuzzles me, puzzles me . . .
I love good books.
Question though:
Do you put ketchup on your skinless, (how in heck do you bake them skinless anyway), potato? Or do you save the ketchup for the chicken?
Let's turn the page and see what the good book has to offer next.