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Dad, Dad and More Dad

Last night was another one of those nights when i dreamt a lot about my dad. For those new to my LJ, Dad passed away in 2001. You can read my tribute to Dad here.

I've dreamt about Dad a lot since his death. At first, I constantly dreamt that Dad was angry at me, something which was very much not like him at all. I still don't understand why I had all these dreams about Dad being mad at me. Then I'd dream some very sad dreams, where I had to relive Dad's death over and over again, and it was equally horrible. Sometimes I'd have very peaceful and happy dreams about Dad following his death. Last night's dreams were neutral. I mean, Dad was Dad in those dreams, the same wonderful Dad he was in real life, but for the first time really, I didn't wake up feeling miserable over his loss. I don't know if this means anything or not. But so it goes.
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