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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

What is your biggest irrational fear: a fear you don't think you should
exhibit, but that doesn't change the fact that it's there nonetheless?


My fear is of rubber bands. I can't explain it, but I don't like them, they scare me, and I'll do pretty much anything to avoid them. Crazy? Maybe, but it's me we're talking about. SMILE! *HUGS*
so many... spiders, railroad crossings, rotating doors (although that one is getting better), being hit by a car while walking, the dark. i could probably go on, but i won't.
Okay, so I've got one more to add to this. I now have developped a completely irrational fear of chicken with ketchup. I'm afraid that someday I'll actually be forced to try it again. Once in a lifetime is more than enough for me!!!!
Well, my dear sweet Ketchaphobe, once you get past your anti-ketchup bias, you'll learn what a wonderful, heavenly combination it really is.
Well, I could answer this one generally or specifically. So, in general, I'd say it is not being in control, which, I know, sounds really bad, but I think most of us are afraid of things because they are beyond our control. When Tazcat wrote about a fear of rubber bands, that makes perfect sense to me as a blind person. They don't make much of a sound, and when they're shot at you, they seem to come from out of the blue. I think my fear of not being in control is also why people being drunk bothers me. I think there are only two people I could be around if they were drunk and not be afraid. I've known some pretty decent people who were drunk and turned into monsters. Anyone remember in the HP books when Ron said one of his brothers turned his teddy bear into a spider??? I could relate to that fear, not because I'm especially afraid of spiders, but fear things and people that don't react in the expected way. I've known all kinds of people, and also find myself feeling a little disconcerted around people who are severely mentally ill and say off the wall things; again, it's a similar thing in my mind. Well, for generalities, I've gone on quite awhile. Specifically, my irrational fear is anything that restricts breathing; suffocation, strangulation, having a tube down my throat, etc. I've only experienced the last of these, thank God, but remember having a dream about being strangled as young as age three or four. Wow, this comment makes me sound very dysfunctional. Oh well, so be it. (smile)