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Bruce, Caroline

Morning Has Broken (darn it!)

You're awakened from a beautiful dream about a beautiful woman by the sound of Larry Updike screaming at you. The radio, the wretched clock radio, that relentless, sadistic piece of crap, has exacted its toll on your peaceful slumber. Mental expletives abound as you stumble across the room and turn down the volume. Larry is now talking at a tolerable level ... or at least it would be under normal circumstances, which these are not. The current abnormal circumstances are that sleep deprivation (as worth it as it all is) has driven your IQ into the single digits, and you have all the incoherence of George Dubbyah trying to defend his policies.

You do a dangerous thing: Without resetting the alarm, you lie back down ... just for ten more minutes or so. Somehow, you manage to rouse yourself again at the end of that, you get dressed, desperately hoping that you won't, in your sleep-deprived stupor, forget your pants ... that kind of a show your co-workers don't need.

The ride to work is a blur. You assume you were in a car, though it might just as easily have been a rickshaw for all you know, given your current state of alertness. You get to work, stagger into your office, and proceed to write an LJ entry, hoping that the words you have strung together randomly will look like sentences. Good night.


And just who is the beautiful woman of whom you were dreaming sir? Probably the same one who kept you up so late on skype, but I don't want to be too full of myself. lol! Teehee! Hugs!
Be as full of yourself as you want: When you're right, you're right, and in this case, you're right indeed. HUGS
Woot woot! Hugs!


Last night was it for dreams I suppose. I had some really screwy ones that made no sense! One was that we picked up and moved from our house, which I would never do, that I had two husbands, (one is way more than enough), that there were all these people in a twin bed, (why I had this one I'll never know), etc. I was never so glad to wake up. I love dreams but these were just a bit too delusional for my blood.
Now do try to get some sleep tonight okay? If not, supply yourself with caffeine.