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Bruce, Caroline

LJ Idol Week 2: The Terrors of First Impressions

It was August 5. I was bored, looking for something to do. My MSN Messenger tag indicated as much. I got a message from kittytech, someone whose LJ I'd been reading for a year or so and someone I'd since befriended via Messenger, and after a time she invited me to call her and talk to her if I wished. Although I'm always a little hesitant about initiating conversations, particularly on the phone (or in this case, Skype), I felt drawn to call her, so I did. What I thought would be a ten-minute conversation turned into one lasting just under six hours. Little did I know then that this conversation was destined to change my life.

We became a couple on August 15. Eleven days after that, I initiated an experience which, while I'm more excited about it than words can say, also terrifies me to no end: I bought a plane ticket to fly down to Milwaukee from Winnipeg to visit her.

It has often been pointed out to me that the real world is different from the "cyber world". This is, of course, true. Though Caroline and I have talked so much over the last three months the Skype people are probably regretting that computer-to-computer calls are free, the reality is that we have never yet met, and won't until the 21st. It's the question of what she'll think of me when we first meet, when we first hug, when we first kiss, that terrifies me. Will I be what she expected? If not, will I be close enough? Or will she be repulsed by me, and will this be the longest visit in history? As one who has had very few relationships, these are not questions to be taken lightly. So while I eagerly anticipate this trip, while I have high expectations, while I couldn't be more thrilled about it, these next nine days are also destined to be the most terrifying of my life so far.


OOO keep us informed! *hugs*
Yes, please do!

I wish you both the best of luck. FWIW, I know many couples who met online and have built successful, happy relationships. :)
Bruce! Your first phone conversation with Tazcat took place on my daughter#1's thirteenth birthday! ON August 5, 1994, a special, life changing little girl was born to a terrified woman who didn't know if she could be a good and loving mom! ON August 5, 2007, the start of the love between you and Tazcat was born. If the two of you give and bring each other as much love, joy, pride, confidence, satisfaction and delight as my darling Daughter#1 has given me, you will do just fine! Hugs!
Ah. I'm smiling. Love stories and hope and trips cross country.

Love it love it love it.
Great take on the topic too, might I add.
I met my boyfriend, a native Scotsman, via teh internets, a fact not everyone is privy to. I flew to visit him last March and it was decided--that's it, we had to, had to, HAD TO be together. He moved here last June, and we've been happy ever since.

It's terrifying, but it will be the most exhilarating time of your life. Count on it.
I can definitely relate, and I've been there. I don't envy you one bit, but you will be ok.
And that day is exactly 5 years to the day that I last talked with the great love of my life. I mean really talked with her.
Good luck!
I hope things go well for both of you. I'm a sucker for Internet love stories.
I've only had good experiences with meeting online friends face-to-face, so I have lots of faith in it. Good luck! ;-)
::: crosses fingers :::

Either way, you're lucky to have the special time with her you've had so far. :-)
My husband and I initially met on an now-defunct online forum. We'd talked on the phone only. The first time we met in person was when he was moving into his new apartment up here. We've been inseparable since :)

It was nerve wracking to say the least for both of us. I think he was more apprehensive than I was!

*crosses fingers, toes, and eyes for you!*
wow... taking a huge chance only seems that much more scary when the payoff can be so huge... You're very brave! either way, it's a good thing!

great entry... !
Good look man. This is a actually a fear/terror I have tackled with before, but never taken it even as far as you have at this point. I suck...

Good Entry

I've met people online before, mostly through LJ...and once involved buying a plane ticket. It's been a disaster and it's been great. I guess the best advice I can give is to go in with a positive attitude and look at it as an adventure. You've obviously spent a lot of time talking to one another, so you have something in common and you know you're capable of being friends...so just keep that in mind and rely on that to help you through the awkwardness up front...as long as you haven't misrepresented yourself, it should be a positive experience.
great entry, and one that I can certainly identify with -- I've gone through this sort of thing a few times. The brevity is something that I appreciate, as well.

If I may offer some unsolicited advice -- though it's hard, try to not expect too much. Expectations can lead to disappointment, and while these sorts of things can work and often do, the simple truth is that people are often very different in person than they are online. I was the proud recipient of THAT clue-by-four at one time!

Best of luck to you, honestly, and I hope everything works out as it should.
my sister in law met her husband on line, you never know it could totally work out! good luck!
That would terrify me, too. Good luck with that!
Oh wow. I would be nervous too! Good luck with this, and thank you for letting us in on your plans :)

Good luck!

I bet your first meeting will go great... but good luck all the same!! I've met lots of internet friends, and it's so weird!! But it works out every time! Yipee! Either I have good luck or that's just how it goes.

Congrats on finding someone. That's awesome, too.

Oh yeah, and have a safe trip!!!

Thanks for posting!
I hope your meeting goes well.