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Bruce, Caroline

Better Late than Never: Question of the Day

What is the most touching/heartwarming/endearing moment you ever recall experiencing or witnessing that involved a young child?


Wow. This is hard.
Excluding the heartwarming or endearing stuff with my own young uns, the most endearing experience with a young one was with a sweet little guy named Joey. I was a teen and he was probably 9 or so. He would ask,whoever was around, the same question all the time and we never got tired of hearing it, or answering it because Joey was the epitome of an angel.
Shannon," he'd say to me, "do you like me?:
And I, and everybody else in the group would answer it the exact same way, "No Joey, I love you!" And he'd just glow. He could ask me that question 20 times a day, I think he did sometimes, and I never lost patience. He had CP and some other issues, and I suspect he was very cognitively delayed. He loved Baby Jesus too, and he always wanted to pray to Baby Jesus, so we all would pray to baby Jesus with him, and we never got tired of doing that with him either.
Oh we were so devastated when he went home to God. Sometimes, even 30 plus years after the fact, I look at the creshe we put up for Christmas and when I put the "Baby Jesus" in the manger and set it up, I think of Joey, because that's where he is, with his precious Baby Jesus.
I sat my boys down to tell them that their aunt was going to have a baby.

They were 5 and 4 at the time. Of course at that age, they start to get curious, and I was at the ready for any questions that came up. My oldest was the one who finally asked "Where do babies come from?" Before I could say anything, my youngest piped in and said "I know".

I had to hear this, so I said " Really? You know where babies come from?"

Proud as punch he said " Yeap, they fall down from the mommy's heart into her tummy"

Enough said :-)