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Bruce, Caroline

A McPoll

Help me plan my first meal for when I visit Caroline.

Poll #1088879 I Deserve a Break Today

Right after Caroline meets me at the airport, we're swinging through the McDonald's drive-thru so I can grab a quick bite to eat. Of what should my first meal consist?

Fries, French or Freedom
Hamburger, lots of ketchup
Quarter-pounder, lots of ketchup
Big Mac
Chicken McNuggets
Milk Shake
Fillet o' Fish
Some of that healthy crap with the rabbit food
Chicken Sandwich
Other, specify in a comment
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Okay, sounds like the rabbit food isn't your thing. I get that. What about getting a water or milk with whatever you choose? If you go chicken McNuggets, the fries aren't going to be as unhealthy as doing the full on deal either.

Of course, if she decides to eat, I'd take a cue from her. If she's ready to have a splurge, go for it!
Eat whatever you want to at the time. Be yourself, in other words. I doubt she's gong to judge you on what you order at McD's. :c)
A huge glass of ketchup :-)
This is kind of pathetic.
Ouch. Just trying to have a little fun.


has these pseudo-mexican wrap things that really are quite decent. THere breakfast boritos ae really good as well.
also, since I understand your pole isn't all inclusive, I think you should get the two cheeseburger meal deal. I've always found it more filling than the big mac: though there is something about a big mac. love the fish sandwiches to.



Have a McRib. They're BBQ sauce, pork, onions, and pickles, and are very good. They're offered for a limited time, and now happens to be said time, at least where I'm from. Do the Canadian McDonalds's have McRibs?