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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Take a mental snapshot of this exact moment in time according to you.
What, more than anything else, do you want at this precise moment?


To go back to bed, not necessarily to sleep, but to read and relax, with nothing to do and nothing expected of me.
I think that's pretty obvious at the moment. I want you sitting here next to me. I want the next 6 days to go so fast that the 21st gets here now. I want to move out of here ... Oh wait, that's a different story. GRIN!!!! *HUGS*
A roast turkey sandwich. On fluffy, soft white bread. With a salty butter and a smidgen of mayo, hold the lettuce, from the 24 hour breakfast place in town. With a hand full of fresh plain Lays potato chips, just out of the bag. Hmmmm!! Damn you!
for all of this pain (physical or otherwise) to just go away damnit!!!
To be out of this damn office and to be off to see Springsteen! N...O...W!!