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Bruce, Caroline

The Unfairness of it All

For about three months now, kittytech and I have run an Internet mailing list for users of the Victor Reader Stream, a portable book-reader/MP3 player for the blind. No, not people with vision loss, darn it, blind.

What this has done for me is to remind me of all the books that we, as lowly Canadians, don't ahve access to. There's a host of digital and analog content available to Americans from which we Canadians have been barred. CNIB says it's the Library of Congress's fault, the Library of Congress says it's CNIB's fault, and we readers are simply caught int he middle, banned from books.
As a proofreader, my frustration gets doubled when I have to proofread a braille book that is already freely available to Americans. The cost of producing just one braille bok is enormous, and to have to reproduce something that's already been done is not only unfair, it wastes a huge amount of money, donor money. End of rant, other than to say it's just wrong, for pete's sake just let me read!


I agree with you. If countries could just combine their money or resources for the purpose of accesibility in books or other media, life would be better!
Hugs and all that good stuff!