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I'm a Traitorous Winnipegger

Our local football team, of which I am a huge fan, is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Bombers are currently in the playoffs. If they win tomorrow's game, they are in the Grey Cup, the CFL's equivalent to the Superbowl. Now here's the thing. I'm going to be flying home from Milwaukee during the Grey Cup. I don't want to miss a Grey Cup with the Bombers in it, so I'm hoping the Bombers lose tomorrow. Does this make me a bad person? Bob Irving, CJOB's play-by-play voice of the Bombers, assures me that it does make me a bad person, and that I should tape the game. But how could I get back to Winnipeg, go home from the airport, and stuff, without hearing the outcome of the game? If that happens, then what's the point of taping the blasted thing? Oh woe is me! The things one does for love, the footballic principles one is willing to sacrifice for the girl of one's dreams!

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