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Bruce, Caroline

I'm Now In Milwaukee

I arrived in Milwaukee yesterday, right on schedule, and all is well. Caroline was there to meet me, and we made it safe and sound, and she's as wonderful as I'd hoped she'd be.

Poll #1093155 Bruce Hath Arrived

Okay, so I've arrived in Milwaukee and I'm with the woman I love. Your response?

About time, maybe now you'll shut up about it.
About time, we (the US) need an infusion of Canadian money.
Who cares?
I'm truly glad for you and hope you have a wonderful weekedn.
I hope your weekend sucks.


Bruce, dang it!
That's a horrible pole.
You forgot a checkbox. It should say:
Hallelujah, praise the Lord, all your friends are so tickled for you and we don't want you to ever stop talking about Caroline!
But the really pressing issue is...WHAT DID YOU END UP HAVING AT MCDONALDS?????