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“Hi everyone, I wanted to pose a serious entry here because I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks. This trip that I took to Malwaki(?) has been ___ long time in the making. I booked my ticket on August 26th and through that time between then and now there have been an awful lot of pit falls and a lot of things that we thought might be snags but they turned out not be. But through it all I've gotten so much encouragement here from friends and from people who don't even know me very well. It's been very humbling to say the least and I know I speak for Caroline as well. Well I just say thank you to everybody whose encouraged us, who has provided advice and whose done so much to make this trip possible and to make it the wonderful trip that it is and that I'm sure will be on it's ___. Thank you everyone and you've made a huge huge difference and I won't forget that.”

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