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Bruce, Caroline

Our First Date

Today I took Caroline to the Olive Garden. Once we figured out that our efforts at doing my radio show together this week weren't going to work, we showered and got dressed, then cabbed it to the Olive Garden.

It was special, walking into that restaurant with Caroline at my side. While we waited, we were given the braille menus to peruse. Then we got settled, and I had a tough time deciding what I wanted. One thing I seriously considered was pizza, though Caroline's persistent laughing at the idea, and something of a sense of adventure, decided me against this course of action. I finally went with a pork tenderloin thing with wine sauce, and a wonderful roasted potato that came with it. Caroline had something with fungus (mushrooms) in it. How can people eat those things?

The sad part of the evening was the fact that they no longer have the chocoolate lasagna desserts there that we had both been excitedly hoping for. Baflurgans, that was disappointing. But still, the chance to take my sweetheart out for the evening was wonderful indeed. She deserves only the best, but somehow she's settled on me. How can one man be more blessed?

We got back, and two packages had arrived addressed to her. One turned out to be the Perfect Pancake whatchamathingomaboodle she'd bought, and the other was a new (men's) razor I'd bought for myself and had sent here, since Amazon won't ship those things to Canada.

That takes us to the present. We're writing with a sobering realization that we are both having a hard time shaking, viz., that tomorrow i have to go back there and she has to stay here. I'm trying very hard not to think about that right now.


Bruce, and Caroline too:
I know this will not be easy when you must leave to go home, but I do know this.
With the love you have for each other and the desire to be with each other, you will make this work. I hope and pray fervently that visits will not have to be so long apart, but as long as you remember that Caroline does love you, that you got not only the carrot but the very best carrot in the patch, as long as you both keep doing what you've been doing since the beginning, communicating and sharing your feelings and praying together, you will make it, you will.
Love to both of you,
love olive garden. Good choice.