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Looks like I'm Still in the Running

I got a phone call this morning from HR over at the Department of Education. This nice lady was very apologetic, and told me that they had misplaced my resume. She asked if I would resend, which I did, and she acknowledged receipt of the file and that the attachments opened all right. Thankfully she was willing to accept e-mail, which made for more immediacy.

I don't think they'd've bothered with going through the trouble of having me resend the thing if I weren't at least still in the running for the position. I want this job, I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it! When the position first came open, I seriously considered not applying. But situations change, priorities change, and suddenly the prospect of earning upward of forty to 44 grand a year seemed rather appealing to me. I've come full circle on this one.

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