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Bruce, Caroline

Just What I need

Looks like our dishwasher has sprung a leak. What a lovely time for that
to happen. With money already at a premium, this. Any rich uncles I
didn't know about who might be reading this, my Paypal address is
dogriver at o-g-t-s dot n-e-t (without the hyphens and the at-sign and
period used).
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NO!!!!!! This truly does suck big time!!!! Maybe it'll be something cheap and easy to fix? One can always hope anyway. SMILE!

Well, if they have to send out a repairperson, that automatically means big bucks. Well, I guess I shouldn't complain too much, We had it for two years without the slightest inkling of a problem.
dishwasher...? What is that.
Dishwasher = lonely man's wife. I think I'd better duck.