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Bruce, Caroline

Bonus Weekend Question of the Day

Why does a can of mixed nuts have 98% peanuts?


My guess is that they're either the cheapest to harvest, are just more common, or are just the most popular nut. But also, nut-canning companies make several mixes of mixed nuts. If you get something called "deluxe mixed nuts" you either get less peanuts or no peanuts at all. I thought Planters also made some mix that was something like less than fifty percent peanuts. But anyhow, so next time, get something other than your standard generic mixed nuts and try deluxe or something that specifies exactly how much of the peanuts are in the mix.
That's exactly it, they're cheaper than the other nuts. So, I don't buy mixed nuts; I buy cashews or pistachios, since those are my favorites.