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Bruce, Caroline

Some Serious Thoughts on Ketchup

Okay, I know I've been having a lot of fun lately with the whole ketchup
thing, and I plan to continue doing so. But I'd be interested in some
thoughts here.

Why do we, we being people in general, think some things enhance the
flavor of something, while other things mask the flavor or even yuckify

Let's lok at the ketchup, for example. I truly, and in all honesty,
believe that ketchup enhances the flavor of chicken, steak, roast beef,
and so on. I'm not making that up. And other people truly feel that
ketchup masks the flavor of the food. Many of these same people will
say, sincerely and fervently, that a glass of wine enhances the flavor
of certain foods. I will contend, with equal sincerity, that there are
few more disgusting ways to wreck good meat than with a glass of wine.
And many of the ketchup detractors, who fervently believe that ketchup
masks or destroys flavor, believe that barbecue wsauce enhances it. So,
in all seriousness, is it a matter of personal preference, is it just a
matter of my being strange, is it a matter of people prejudging ketchup
on things without trying it, or is there something more to it?


actually my husband and I were having this same convo; only about salt. He eats salt on *everything*
salt, IMHO is the nastiest stuff evar... really. I don't add it to anything and it never would occur for me to do so. I can taste it in anything and to me it does not bring out the flavor of the food it just masks the taste with salt which is a horrible taste to me.

I do love barbecue sauce though and any meat is improved with the flavor added. I love that smokey sweetness... mmm
I think it's just personal preference.

I am going to give you the same advice that I gave to my husband, when he moved in with me I said
"wherever thou goest, bring thy own shaker of salt."
You need a special little non-leaking flask for your ketchup.
That way you'll never be without.