Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Painting a Word Picture

I'm sitting here in my office chair. I'm proofreading a biology book,
the chapter on fungus. Beside me sits Caroline, who has come to spend
the afternoon with me at work. Caroline finds it too warm, I'm
comfortable. She's discovered the 1.5-litre bottles of water we have up
here. I just reached over and held her hands in mine. Debbie's working
in her office space in front of me. Cheryl's at the office too, I don't
know if anyone else is. IT's very quiet here at work today, nobody in
their right mind shows up for work on December 31, when December 31 is a
Monday, but here I am, and here is Caroline to share it with me. Ahead
of me is half a Coke. To the right of the book I'm proofreading is a
movie on DVD that just arrived today, a Dr. Kildare movie.

And so that's the picture as it now stands.
Tags: caroline, update

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