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Trying to Stay Level-Headed

I can assume nothing. My dad subscribed to the old definition of assume: making an ass out of u and me. It was one of his favorite sayings, and there's a lot to it.

I have not been offered the job. All that's happened is that I know my resume has been accepted. That guarantees nothing. I know I strongly meet the qualifications for the position. But while I can't think of who might be better qualified at this point in close proximity, that doesn't mean there isn't someone who is. And who knows? They might go further afield looking for someone whom they feel would be better-suited for the position than I am. All very real, very legitimate possibilities.

So while I taste the job, almost have it in my grasp, I can assume nothing, until and unless I have a signed contract, or whatever it is they give you, to show for it. Then, I'll be on my knees thanking God for providing. And if I don't get the position? Then I'll be praying for the wherewithal to be gracious and accept my not getting the job. Graciousness. Is that one of my strong points? do I have any strong points? Am I worthy of any of the goals I've set for myself in life at this moment - there are a few - and will I achieve those goals? Assume nothing, Bruce. You're not so good as to be able to waltz in and just assume you'll get the job, or whatever else, that you've got your heart set on. Maybe you've got as good a shot as anyone, maybe you don't, but don't ever, ever get to the point where you're somehow thinking you're better than anyone else, or more entitled, or more worthy. Over-confidence leads to pride, and pride inevitably comes before the fall. Pride killed empires, emperors, kings and queens; it's turned friends away, leaving people alone. Now there's an unhappy thought, winding up alone like my ex-fiancee, Tammy, who drove everyone away, wound up dead for a week before anyone found her. What kind of an existence must that have been for her?

So where and how does one draw the line between a healthy dose of self-confidence and foolish pride that leads to destruction? There's the big question. I just wish I had a big answer to go with it.

there are things in life I want, some desperately. The job is one of these. If I play my cards right, the possibilities are there. But if I don't, well ... it's all happened before, and could all happen again. But maybe, just maybe, my time has arrived.

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